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ArtworXX Tattoo & Piercing offers custom and conventional designs with over 10,000 flash
pages to suit your ideal tattoo. We also offer body piercings, spacers, hoops and
belly button piercings.

At Artworxx Tattoo & Piercing, we are always professional and accommodating
to our customers.  Our three experienced professional tattoo artists
and body piercer not only specialize in pre-selected or custom
designs, each artist offers their own unique style of work.

They can handle any tattoo request you may have, from custom
one-of-a-kinds, Flash, traditional, tribal, portraits, or even
tattoo cover-ups... we can do them all!



"Thanks Danni! My son's tattoo is perfect. He is so happy because of you. You
have a great attitude and are so impeccably hygienic and professional. Very

         - Chantal Driscoll

"Thanks for my tattoo, Sheena. I love it."

          - Amanda Saidi.

 "Hey Danni, my brother's tattoo looks great. He is really happy. Fantastic work!"

         - Connie Condoluci


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We received a certificate of excellence from Huck Spaulding and Rogers for the finest tattooing
equipment for 2005 and 2008, and we're always upgrading to ensure we're on top of the latest
developments. This certificate also recognizes our dedication to modern methods of maintaining
sanitation, quality and tattoo artistry.